orbital wrapper Packing machine for aluminum


Please check following observations for the orbital stretch wrapper for aluminum:

a. On the drawing the height of the table is stated as 836.50mm and it must be 920mm as previously told on the Microsoft Word document. Please change final drawing.

b. On the same drawing you did adjust the distance of the lower part of the structure of the infeed belt table to put it closer to the roller table (345mm distance) but you forgot to do the same on the outfeed table. Please change the distance of the lower part of the structure of the outfeed belt table, closer to the roller table, the same way (and distance) that you did on the infeed part. It would be even better if you can reduce even more the distance in both tables. Can you ?

c. About question #2 in the conveyor of the stretch wrapper of the Microsoft Word document: we find that just one tractor roller is not enough, so we request you to have more driving rollers on both infeed roller table and outfeed roller table. The reason is that to handle shorter profiles we need to have more rollers as the pieces won’t be located with one end to be bitten with the only tractor you are putting according the drawing. For instance: a piece of 5 meters will be located centered to the overall lenght of the infeed belt table and as such there would be no position where the only tractor roller can bite the piece and make traction. Been so, we ask you to install at least two more driven rollers on the infeed roller table (on the second and third closer belts to the printing head) and to do the same on the outfeed roller table (on the second and third closer belts). Can you ?

This list is reducing each time we talk so we think we are close to give you the OK to make the equipment. Please make the changes we request and send us a total wrapping machine drawing to do the confirmation.

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