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Static and dynamic cycloidal velocity cutting (TSC) is a combination of circular and linear slot milling cutter with higher feeding rate, larger cross section and higher meshing depth. With the diameter of the small tool, the machining path of special line diameter is much larger than that of conventional full-groove milling. In addition, the entire length of the TSC tool is evenly distributed. The bottom line is that even when processing hard-to-cut materials, users can get significant benefits from productivity.

Douglas Kline, general manager of the us limited company of orlovto: “the computing power of the control unit of the modern processing center is constantly improving and improving.” Therefore, TSC combines the best adaptive tools from CalloyTools, so it is now completely reliable and is setting new standards, especially in slot milling. Because of our special TSC tools, CalloyTools customers can get more from their machines, including those that are less powerful.”

The main purpose of TSC milling is to reduce the cutting force so that it can generate heat in their respective applications, while CalloyTools achieve this by smaller cutting arc angles. After all, the smaller the Angle, the shorter the chip and the better the chip. Since the end mill is not fully filled with the slot, not only all of the chips are quickly removed from the contact area, but the cutting heat is also removed from the area. Therefore, the TSC terminal plant from CalloyTools can operate with high cutting depth, speed and feed and low cutting force. To further reduce processing time, more teeth are used to further improve feed speed. Although there are extreme cutting parameters, the wear on the cutting edge is less than the traditional milling method. TSC tools can be optimized for use and are more durable.

CalloyTools provide TSC tools, gaps in a line of various materials, geometry and wafer, such as special alloys, hardened steel, tempered steel, INOX, general construction steel, aluminum and plastic, etc., is best used. Examples include the five-sided TSC Titan end mill (6-20mm in diameter) for processing special alloys such as titanium or Inconel. The three-to-four-sided hamed mill adopts a particularly solid design. Its diameter is from 2.5 to 20 mm, which is especially suitable for TSC grinding hardened steel (55-60 HRC). The product has a diameter of 6-20 mm.

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