shoulder milling-full slot milling,steel materials end milling

The company’s CP- HD is suitable for steel and stainless steel shoulder milling, full slot milling and spiral interpolation. It can also be used in cast iron and heat-resistant materials. These tools provide safe and reliable machining of various cutting parameters.

High – process security and long – term predictable tool life are essential in heavy operations. The optimized flute shape of CP-HD is a valuable insight obtained through finite element analysis. The shape of flute ensures effective chip evacuation when processing large area cutting. The design also prevents the chip’s recutting and sudden tool breakage. By effectively removing the chip, the complete slot milling diameter is twice as large and twice the diameter without affecting the process safety. The internal coolant also facilitates the evacuation and temperature control of the largest chip in the stainless steel terminal.

Geometric features and grades allow special metal removal rates and tool life. Two new levels have been developed; One is comprehensive, preferably dry machining, one that deals with harsh conditions and a lot of wet processing. This rigid facial geometry was developed to cope with increasing operations. Other features include different asphalt and cylindrical soils to help reduce vibration and provide reliable rough performance. The optimized production condition is an important factor in the production of knives, not only to meet the challenge of metal processing, but also to meet the future demand. CalloyTools, a tool maker from king Tolstoy in Germany, responded. The ballia-based company has invested about 15 million euros to expand its production capacity and upgrade its grinding technology to the latest technical standards. This is paying dividends. One example is the high performance computing star Max series for high-performance steel materials. After modifying the design, the third generation – Superstar 4G – is now more productive.

Performance of the performance of steel materials end milling is not suitable for timid person, because the tools must be used in a very short period of time, in large contact width and depth on high chip removal rate. Although there is moderate cutting speed, the cutting edge is affected by a huge cutting force and suddenly changes the load.

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