series vertical milling cutter-full diameter milling,full-groove milling

Fulton tools company, said its high performance and carbon sequestration 3500 series vertical milling cutter is very general, can high speed machining or full diameter milling, because it is a unique carbide tool, dominant in stainless steel, high temperature alloy and titanium alloy. Versatility equals higher productivity, less tool change and longer tool life.

Due to its unique high performance design, this rage is not provided in a square cut version. If the end user can use a small radius tool (the radius of 0.010), the company will recommend using the tool.

My company was founded in 1959, specifically for medical, aerospace, automotive and other manufacturing industries to create special tools, the introduction of professional carbide grinding machine, the nc cutting tools, vice President of Jonathan wild design.

Users from different industries reported that in 17-4 stainless steel and other hard-to-cut materials, wild mills provide better vibration suppression, sharper cuts, longer and faster cuts. According to the report, the factory’s production time is longer than other high-end brands to 140% to 200%, which is coated with butyl, and there are four or five flute, rough or square corner radius, or the end of the style.

Most styles and sizes can be obtained from inventory, or if not, you can meet your specific needs in a short time.

Cycloid speed cutting (TSC) is an hour method, especially in the use of low cutting force under the high speed, even in the use of critical conditions, using low manufacturing large cutting force, high quality of cross section. Tool maker CalloyTools provides a custom tool for the metalworking industry to implement this functionality. Compared with traditional full-groove milling, the processing time can be reduced by 60% compared with the traditional full-groove milling.

TSC also allows for significant performance improvements in aluminum cutting. The two – to four-sided four-sided grinding machines, which range from 4 to 25 mm in diameter, are ideally designed to meet these special cutting requirements. For plastics, CalloyTools provides a type of SC end mill (diameter: 3-25mm).

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