cutting tool-TSC circular milling,hardened steel and cast iron

In addition to personalized advice for technical cutting parameters, CalloyTools also provides online access to the cutting database for personal computers, tablets, and smartphones. The database also provides its own “TSC circular milling” computing tool for a wide range of applications. For example, the width of a user’s input groove or the diameter of the hole is recommended to calculate the contact width using the preset cutting arc Angle.

“Importantly, the depth of the application is at least 1xD, and the selected tool radius is smaller than the minimum radius to optimize the cutting data and handling reliability,” Kline said. Ideally, this would reduce processing time by 60%.

The company introduced the tungsten ball, which is a new series that can be used for high precision finishing. The unique clamping mechanism, combined with the new coolant delivery system, makes it the best tool for tooling and aerospace parts.

Asymmetrical insert shape ensures rigid clamping and prevents insertion dislocation. It can provide good surface finish and stable, long time cutting tool life. The new coolant delivery system is also an innovative feature of tungsten ball. On the surface, a coolant channel is inserted to transport the coolant from three directions to the cutting edge, resulting in a good chip evacuation and long tool life.

The series offers two types of insertions: ball nose and radius type; Both of these can be mounted on the same terminal. In strong and modular types, steel and hard alloys can be used. These features make the tungsten ball perfectly fine for processing materials such as steel, stainless steel, hardened steel and cast iron. Tungsten is used for high precision machining.

Main features:

Suitable for tooling and aerospace parts

Secure and rigid insert seat due to unique clamping mechanism

Due to the new coolant delivery system, excellent chip withdrawal and long service life

Insert: Ballnose and radius type

Internal grinding mechanism: steel and carbide shank, modular type

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