The leader of the compound material evaporation boat industry

The leader of the compound material evaporation boat industry

The company is the leader and innovator in the production of metal intermetallic compound composite material, which provides a variety of metal-plating process solutions and other evaporating boat products. Help customers to improve the reliability and quality of the film, while reducing the total cost of production.

The metal spray evaporates the boat

The evaporating boat is the production equipment for metallized film, metallized paper, metallized textile, and other metallized parts and accessories. The evaporation boat should have good thermal shock and chemical inertness in contact with molten aluminum.

General performance:

Long-term stability

Stable electrical characteristics

The resistivity can be adjusted

Good thermal shock resistance


It is used for metal spraying for manufacturing capacitors, food packaging, decorative packaging, safety signs, and polymer film materials in the electrical industry.

At about 1500 ° C in the vacuum chamber for aluminum, silver, or copper metal evaporation resistance heating boat or crucible.

Calloy Tool1, Calloy Tool2, Calloy Tool3, Calloy Tool4,Standard, and Standard Plus’s recommended operating procedures

In order to ensure the best performance of the evaporating boat and extend the service life of the evaporating boat, please follow the following procedures:

  1. Check the contact surface and clean the surface.
  2. Use of graphite with electrical connection and thermal contact.
  3. Heating the aluminum wire for the first time to determine the initial temperature of the evaporating boat – not including t-vap Plus and Standard Plus.
  4. Adjust the feeding position to 1 third to 1/2 of the end of the cavity.
  5. After the first heating, ensure the reannealing of the evaporation boat.
  6. At the beginning, operate at 75% of normal wire feeding speed; Then the power output is reduced and the maximum humidity is achieved in the entire length of the cavity.
  7. Start the metal-plating operation and increase the speed of wire feeding in the first 15 minutes of production.
  8. After the coating process is completed:

– first, stop the wire

– then, a minute later, the power is off

  1. Wait for about 2 minutes, then remove the vacuum state to ensure that the evaporation boat temperature drops below the red-hot state.

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