Hot isostatic pressure technology-Hard metal,Nickel base alloy

Hot isostatic pressure technology (HIP)

Hot isostatic pressing

The company provides the global customers with hot and static pressure (HIP), powder alloy steel, and the processing services of bimetallic materials. We adopt flexible production process, can respond quickly to market demand, provide better service for customers.

Heat isostatic pressure up to 1400 MPA (MPA)

Temperature up to 2000 ˚ C

Hot isostatic pressure densification service

The inner parts with closed pores can be densified under the conditions of uniform high temperature and high-temperature treatment. No isostatic pressure tanks. The graph shows that the quality of materials is improved after the process of heat and isostatic compacting. (note: only closed pores can be completely removed.)

General performance and purpose:

The density reaches the maximum and is easy to be polished

Defective parts do not need to be cast

No segregation or grain growth

High static strength (up to 30%)

Hard metal


Heavy annealing

Ceramic wear resistant parts

Ceramic medical equipment accessories

Powder metallurgy

Near-exact solid powder metallurgy steel

In the manufacture of powder metallurgy accessories, the powder must be welded and sealed, which can ensure that the parts of the parts are subjected to high pressure and high temperature evenly during the process of hot pressing. The jacket can be removed after densification. Ultrasonic quality testing is performed, and the polishing part is analyzed. The parts can then be processed according to the specifications.

General performance

Best wear resistance.

Optimum corrosion resistance.

High strength (no pore)

Grain is small, the microstructure is even.

No phase separation.

Low carbon steel

Tool steel (HSS)

Stainless steel (duplex stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel)

Nickel base alloy

Cobalt base alloy

A better microstructure is obtained through the process of thermostatic pressure processing

These images show that the microstructure is improved after the process of heat and isostatic pressing.

Forged duplex steel

Heat and other static pressure



The powder and substrate are packed and treated

All surfaces are uniformly high pressure and high temperature

Diffusion zone

General performance

The properties of different materials are combined

There will be no phase segregation and phase segregation

Homogeneous microstructure

Diffusion bonding

The overall coating thickness is over 2 mm

Special steel and surface hardening can be used


The cooling channel can be connected to the main body

Processing type:

Plastic and food extruder

The centrifuge

Underwater equipment and offshore equipment

Cutting tool

Rolling equipment

Valve products and pump products


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