Hard alloy saw blade-Super Alloy,carbide blades

The company recognizes that in the wood processing industry, the normal operation and processing performance of the equipment is of vital importance. Therefore, we have produced a variety of carbide blades for the global wood processing industry, as well as the APF super alloy cutting blades.

Our hard alloy blade is made of tungsten carbide with the best performance, and is used in pre-plating tin without cadmium silver solder. We produce a variety of standard model APF super – heat – resistant alloy saw products, and a variety of shapes of super – heat alloy bar material, including trapezoid, triangle, diamond, and round. In addition, we can provide customized products according to customers’ requirements.

Hard alloy saw blade

Each Camco carbide blade products are made according to the material and size tolerance standard kerner, and these standards are after extensive research, and the North America after some large factory test. Each serrated product must be successfully tested in two different tests before being offered to the customer. This is what makes Camco’s products unusual.

Super Alloy

Camco – 5 companies make cobalt 12 alloy blade cutting tool for forest logging industry product has a history of more than 10 years, set up a branch office, now called the Advanced Powder Fusion – 5, engaged in the high performance of heat-resisting alloy material APF 12 r &d and production. Our goal is to apply the expertise, industry experience, and customer feedback that has accumulated since 1987, identifying and enhancing product performance in some major areas. APF 12 has exceeded our expectations. Global wood processing plants and saw manufacturers are now using APF 12 products with excellent performance.

We adopt unique process, we can produce all kinds of shapes and sizes of APF 12 super alloy materials according to the specific requirements of customers.

APF 12 products can be used for: the sawtooth products of Mfg company

Armostrong Mfg-3 company products: rectangular serrated, customized size

Wright machine tool company: triangular serrated, high-precision ball head (no belt)

Iseli-3 company products: trapezoid, rectangle, circle, triangle, and diamond link.

It can also be provided:

European-type pre-plating serrated (e.g. WG, WET series)

The rounded sawtooth

Strob band saw

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